Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf

Dr. Rumpf is a pioneer and leader in electromagnetics, photonics, and 3D printing. In 2010, he founded the EMLab with a mission to develop revolutionary technologies and challenge conventional thinking. Since that time, the EMLab has delivered an array of significant discoveries, breakthroughs, and first-ever achievements.  He and his team discovered new ways to manipulate fields and waves and developed algorithms to create seemingly impossible geometries that are unlocking new physical mechanisms in electromagnetics and dynamic response of materials.  Achievements include the world’s first 3D volumetric circuit manufactured via automated hybrid 3D printing, world’s tightest bend of an unguided optical beam using spatially-variant photonic crystals, world’s highest power frequency selective surface, world’s most broadband all-dielectric filter, and the world’s thinnest all-dielectric antenna. Many other exciting and disruptive technologies are currently under development in the areas of hybrid 3D printing, electromagnetics, photonics, and circuits.

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